•   Active
    (35 members)

    Members currently involved in water-related methodology development or plan to be. They directly contribute to the outcome and deliverables of the working group and invest an average of 1 day per month of work equivalent. They are included in all communications with respect with on-going work and progress.

  •   Expert
    (60 members)

    They are knowledgeable on the topic of water and LCA. They contribute their expert judgment to the outcome of the working group. They may be an expert in method application (not only method development) or an active stakeholder wishing to provide feedback. They invest a few hours per month to review relevant document, attend some of the meetings and provide input. They are included on communications that are relevant for their expertise and are kept informed on each meeting outcome and progress of the project.

  •   Observer
    (>100 members)

    They are not necessarily an expert or do not have enough time to invest, but they are kept informed of the progress of this working group and its deliverables. They are notified when important deliverables are available and on the progress of the group via the LinkedIn group.

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