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Version tracking table

Use the table below for version tracking.

Version numberDate onlineDetails
1.0June 23rd, 2015First version, only generic averages available, monthly and annual, country and (sub) watersheds.
1.1August 18th, 2015Adjustment of EWR data in some regions, additional averages available at country level (agri, non-agri).
1.1cSeptember 17th, 2015Aggregation error in country values have been corrected, watersheds values have not changed.
1.2November 25th, 2015Upper cutoff value changed from 1000 to 100.
1.2February, 2016“unknown” values added in addition to AGRI and NON-AGRI.
1.2April, 2016“Addition of the Spatial and Temporal standard deviations indicating which resolution to prioritize for each country.”
1.2May, 2017Bug fixed for unspecified compartment input flow in csv file.
1.2cFeb, 2019Country and region aggregation has been refined, no changes to watershed values.

Please note that a worksheet for documentation purposes was added to the Excel documents on Jan 13th 2023. The AWARE values did not change.

Find other versions of the indicators for sensitivity testing at country level (different cut-off choices or EWR modelling):