Mission and goals

WULCA is currently not an active group. However, this page remains active to showcase relevant research on the topic of water use and LCIA, most of which is taking place as part of the GLAM project of the Life Cycle Initiative, in addition to the AWARE updates and support which will continue to be communicated on this page.

The WULCA working group works as an international working group focusing on water use assessment and water footprinting taking the life cycle perspective. The group was founded in August 2007 under the auspices of the UNEP/Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Life Cycle Initiative, a partnership to enable users around the world to put life cycle thinking into effective practice. The working group represents a community of people from academia, various industries (e.g. chemical, food and consumer goods industry, pulp and paper, water treatment, etc.) and public institutions. Constituting a multi-stakeholder group, the group acts globally and cross-sectoral.

The WULCA working group’s overall goal focuses on providing practitioners, from both industry and academia, with a coherent framework within which to measure, assess and compare the environmental performance of products and operations regarding freshwater use. The specific objectives comprise to:

The key activities involve: